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Why do we produce The Post-Graduate Pharmacist?

The Post-Graduate Pharmacist is a passion project of ours.  We love helping students and pharmacists achieve their goals of completing post-graduate training programs and elevating their careers.  We have been mentoring individuals since we ourselves completed our post-graduate training and want to spread that support across the globe.  We believe a lot of people are often overlooked or not considered despite their excellence candidacy simply due to their preparation.  There are lot of nuances with post-graduate training prep and we seek to help those who do not have strong mentorship of their own.  

Why do we need support?

One thing we never realized when we decided to record our first episode was the behind the scenes tools needed to produce a podcast.  From hosting fees, to equipment and websites, the costs of producing a podcast add up quickly!  We spend a lot of time researching ways to reduce or mitigate costs, but there are just some things we cannot avoid.  Your support helps us continue to publish episodes every other week for free on your favorite podcasting platform.  

How can you support us?

There are a lot of ways you can support us both financially and completely free-of-charge!  

Financial ways to support:

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Free ways you can support us:

  • The #1 way is if you enjoy listening then tell your friends about us!
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As always, remember that you can achieve your goals and you can Separate and Stand Out!