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Evan Pellett

Author: Job Interview Coach

Author of the #1 job interview book: Cracking The Code To A Successful Interview: 15 Secrets From A Top Level Recruiter. Evan developed the 1st and only "interview science" that gives candidates an exact, proactive way to define and highly distinguish themselves in both job interviews and career presentation situations. This REAPRICH science has been sought out and used very successfully by students many top executives. Evan also holds Honor Society distinction in his MS in Industrial Psychology and has made top success in multiple C level roles. He is the founder of Howleader.com and privately coaches many worldwide adults, HS and college students from the worlds top performing families. He has also broken the hiring record in six of the worlds top fastest growing technology companies and remains a strong advisor to CEO's. His coaching also focuses on achieving inner success and happiness to maximize top performance. He resides in York, Maine.